Lesson 1: Know what entrepreneurship is about




3 myhths on Entrepreneurs

  • Entrepreneurs are born -> Entrepreneurs are learners (solving a problem)
  • Entrepreneurs are risk takers -> Entrepreneurs mnage risks
  • Entrepreneurs are not disciplined ->Entrepreneurs are hyper-focused

Entreprenership = to take action

Stay out of the comfort zone -> fear zone -> learning zone -> Growth zone

Lesson 2 – Embrace the squares of change

Lesson 3 – Define what purpose means to you



Runing a viable business is a meangful way to create purpose.

Purpose is getting impact. We like to make an impact. Replace purpose with impact. What direction I want to create right now or in my life, in my life or outside of me (in the community or for a cause)? No judgment, just recognise : is it for me or for outside.

  • Inner focus on your health, profesional direction, self-confidence, spiritual practices. Impact on you.
  • Outer-focus on Children’s welfare, Family finances, Politics, International journalism, Aging parents, The local community, Art, Parent teacher association, Support of endangered animals.

Where are you hungry to make an impact?

Dig deeper = I want to have experiences…, cretaed…, learned…, started…